Autor Wątek: Axl Rose nie pojawi się na ceromonii RARHOF,odmawia włączenia go w poczet RARHOF  (Przeczytany 23735 razy)

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“All things considered, I don’t think any of us wanted to be a part of it initially, I didn’t think any of us were going to go. It was a thorn in everybody’s – well, at least a thorn in my side – because I was busy doing other stuff. When it finally came down to the wire at the very, very, very last-minute – I’m talking about the 11 hours and 30 seconds mark – Axl had pulled out. I thought well, s**t, maybe we should do it [laughs]. And I’m glad that we went. It’s very Guns N’ Roses, what can you say?”

When asked if he thought he and Rose would be on speaking terms in the future, Slash added: “It’s not even something I like to dwell on. I don’t even like to make to make comments because you end up with quotes that sometimes exacerbate the issue. It’s really not at the forefront of my mind. I’ve got other things going on. I’m very, very proud – endlessly proud – of everything the band stood for and everything that’s gone on with it. And the fact that there’s still so much attention and interest in the band however many years after I was in it, I feel very humbled and honored by all that. But I don’t spend my time thinking about what you guys are thinking about! You know? It’s all whatever happens, happens and in the meantime I’m doing other stuff.”


Ashba: "teraz jedyną kwestią jest to, jaką wizję na kolejny album ma Axl"

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